Lawful Enquiry

This request is for use by law enforcement agencies and emergency call centers in an exigent matter only. The officer submitting the request certifies to the following requirements:

The request pertains to circumstances that represent an immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury, for which your agency lacks sufficient time to obtain a subpoena, summons, court order, civil investigative demand, search warrant or production order (“Legal Demand”)

Your agency will provide a formal Legal Demand to Peeringhub as soon as you are able to do so after receiving Peeringhub’s response

You are provide the Legal Demand to Peeringhub at regulatory [ at ] peeringhub [ dot ] com.

Peeringhub is a providers of wholesale communications services to other service providers, carriers and resellers. We generally do not have end-user or subscriber information on file. You must then contact Peeringhub’s customer in order to obtain end-user information.


By signing you are certifying you are with law enforcement and your request pertains to an emergency involving the immediate threat of death or serious bodily injury, and you are authorized to commit your agency to provide a valid legal demand as soon as possible after receiving Inteliquent's response.